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This is a photograph of our lovely team, before we lost Sally to a very lucky Girls Brigade. Denise and I are having a difficult time getting a new photograph done. Partly because we like these, partly because we miss Sally and don’t actually want to change the photograph and partly because I need to lose a few winter pounds.

The talented photographer who took our photographs is Luke, my son, age 9 3/4.

Which is our other problem – in the years since this was taken, he is now more interested in his X-box – we may need to resort to the self timer!



A little about us…

Jo Tennant FBIPP, Owner of Studio Rochford

Age ~ Forty something…and then I won’t have to update this for a while!
Children ~ Yes, a gorgeous son called Luke who keeps me laughing with his hilarious one-liners on life!
Favourite meal to cook ~ Chinese take-away – my cooking is legendary – for all the wrong reasons!
Favourite thing to photograph ~ I love the preparations and the details, it gets me in to the swing of the day and I enjoy the excitement and emotion as it builds – and the ceremony – love that. Especially when couples have written their own vows – I often have to stifle a tear. I love the exchange of small glances that mostly no-one else can see. The speeches – I love the range of emotion and it’s lovely to hear a little more about the people that I am photographing. The first dance – when it’s just about two people being together and they forget, even for a split second about everyone else around them. And dancers, that’s my personal work, something for me, something that lets me experiment and play to my heart’s content. It might have been quicker to ask what I don’t enjoy!!
Highlight of my career ~ Being awarded my Fellowship by the British Institute of Professional Photography, without a doubt.

Denise Quaey, Studio Manager

Age ~ Old enough to have a son at Uni – I was a child bride!!
Children ~  2 & a husband!  There are three men in my house….you can imagine what it’s like having to compete for the bathroom most days!
Favourite meal to cook ~ I cook every day so the novelty has worn off, but I quite like rustling up a batch of scones to satisfy a sweet tooth!
Favourite thing to photograph ~ A girls’ night out – you never know what you’re going to get!
What I love about my job ~  I get to meet lots of lovely people at such key moments in their lives – no two days are ever the same!  Plus we get on so well together in the office, we laugh, cry and support each other through thick and thin.


BIPP Documentary Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016, London & Essex

BIPP Documentary Wedding Photographer of the Year 2013, London & Essex

MPA Documentary Wedding Photographer of the Year 2012, London & Essex

MPA Bridal Party Photographer of the Year 2012, London & Essex

MPA Under 5’s Portrait Photographer of the Year 2012, London & Essex

MPA Family Portrait Photographer of the Year 2012, London & Essex

MPA Under 5’s Portrait Photographer of the Year 2011, London & Essex

MPA Contemporary Portrait Photographer of the Year 2011, London & Essex

British Professional Photography Awards 2007, Winner, You & Your Wedding Brides Choice


Hopefully that’s helped to reassure you that behind the website there are two ordinary girls, who just happen to be lucky enough to have two brilliant jobs and a lot of fun along the way. We’d love you to add to it! Contact us here, we’d love to know about your plans for your wedding day and we’d love to be a part of them!