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How we work on your Wedding Day

Virtually every wedding photography website you look at will talk about a love of photography; the word ‘passion’ is commonly used.  You will read about professional bodies, awards and qualifications, advanced equipment and good customer service. At Studio Rochford we want to assure you that we tick all of those boxes. However, the most important thing for us is that you look at our photographs, that you ‘get’ our style, and that you love the kind of work that we create. Whatever labels are attached to the type of photography that we do, be it classical, candid, contemporary, documentary, creative, or reportage, the one over riding factor is the absolute consistency of the quality of wedding photography that we produce through each part of your wedding day. Our commitment to our work is demonstrated in our ongoing professional development and our constant strive to incorporate new ideas into everything we do. Jo is a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, the highest accolade it is possible to achieve in social photography.

It’s also really important that you like us too!  After all, we will be spending lots of time with you on one of the most important days of your life.  Time and again the feedback we’re given includes comments on how friendly and helpful we are. It’s so important that you come and meet us, have a cup of tea and look through the albums.  We love to talk about weddings and enjoy sharing ideas and recommendations.

Now, we don’t want to be sexist here, but we might as well say now we are an all female team, and it could be suggested that there might be some advantages to having a female wedding photographer.  Over the years at weddings, we have pinned button-holes, laced up dresses, served canapés, changed nappies, even re-tied the ribbons on some very fancy knickers – while the bride was still wearing them!  Oh, and taken some pretty amazing photographs at the same time.  Occasionally things just don’t quite go to plan, so rather than photograph a melt-down, we’re more than happy to just try to stop it from happening. Some brides tell us they feel more comfortable having another woman there during the preparation stages, some really aren’t bothered, but we must admit we love the hustle and bustle and fun of watching and documenting a beautiful bride getting ready for her big day.

At the ceremony we will liaise with the minister or registrar to try to ensure that we can capture those precious moments in an unobtrusive way.  We’ve become adept at tip-toeing around and finding little spots to hide ourselves away.  We pride ourselves in the discreet way we capture the quiet moments of your special day while being capable of calling a rowdy bunch to order and creating a neat and tidy group photo, where everyone can be seen.

We are more than willing to share our expertise on weddings in general, having built up our own list of favourite venues and suppliers.  We are also there to help you with the timings of the day to make sure there is time for socialising as well as photographs.  The ‘pre-wedding chat’ that we have with each couple is a fantastic opportunity to discover who’s who in your family and bridal party and to plan together how the day will run.  Some families are straight forward, others are complicated – don’t worry – we’ve dealt with them all in a friendly, clear way that makes sure everyone feels included, while you get the shots that you want. And speaking of family groups, we pride ourselves on organising them in a really efficient, and yet aesthetically pleasing way that means they’re done and dusted nice and quickly so that we can move onto the more creative couple shots, or you can simply enjoy your reception.


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