Crabbs Barn Wedding ~ Aimee & Tom

Aimee and Tom were one couple who were not going to let a drop of rain spoil their special day!  Their wonderful wedding day was filled with fun and laughter from beginning to end.  Aimee shares with us here how they ensured the details of the day represented them as a couple.

Where did your wedding take place and what made you choose that location?

Our wedding took place at Crabbs Barn in Kelvedon.  It was quite by chance that we even went there as we had viewed another venue and fallen in love with it, and it was only because I felt we should look at one more venue in comparison that I even asked for a viewing there. We went with the intention of not liking it but once we got there we fell in love with the barn and the grounds and they offered a too-tempting inclusive deal that was impossible to turn down.

What was your colour scheme or wedding theme?

My colour scheme was black, white and pink. Pink is my favourite colour but I didn’t want to dress the bridesmaids up and make them look like they should be on the set of a Barbie advert so contrasting the pink with the black seemed to work really nicely.

What was your dress like and why do you love it?

Like a Princess Dress…and that’s why I chose it, I always imagined getting married in a big white meringue but not ‘Gypsy Wedding’ big! I felt special in my dress and my husband is always calling me his princess and he remarked on the day that that is exactly how I looked, so I guess I made the right choice!

Tell us about your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.’

My something old was my jewellery and my garter, something new was my dress, something borrowed was my garter and it was also my something blue…it served a lot of purposes that day! It was my mum’s when she got married and she wanted me to use it on my day.

Where did your groom get his morning suit?

All the suits were hired from Moss Bros.  Tom didn’t like the fancy frock suits so he kept his suit a simple three-piece and all the groomsmen had a two-piece.  I forced them all to wear pink ties and handkerchiefs, which they were over the moon about as you can imagine!

Did you buy each other wedding presents?

Yes…Tom bought me a Kindle because I always have my head stuck in a book and he figured we might save some space if I got a kindle and I bought him some Dr Dre Studio Beats headphones…something he never would have treated himself to.

Can you tell me about your wedding cake?

Our wedding cake was made by Sophisticakes in Southchurch Road, Southend.  We wanted a way to involve all our pets that mean so much to us and as we couldn’t have them there we put them on the cake! Turk & JD our guinea pigs were our bride and groom and my dog Bob was sat down the bottom and then my mum made pink cupcakes to act as a third tier and each cupcake had a fondant gerbil on it that was modelled on our late gerbil Dave (who was alive at the time of the wedding).

What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information?

I don’t think I really had one…My idea’s kind of formed round what me and Tom love and what we wanted our day to reflect which was us…I looked through a few wedding magazines but mostly we just sat and thought about what would represent us a couple, for example the sweets as centrepieces on the tables stemmed from our love of food…well you can’t eat flowers! Saying that for all the little bits and bobs I think I briefly became Amazon’s best customer for a while!

Tell us about a supplier who provided a first-class service.

All the suppliers were brilliant and nobody let us down, everything was as I imagined it and I cannot pinpoint one that was better than another…I suppose the cake lady was very generous in delivering our cake with a broken leg and texting me a photo of it the day before otherwise I wouldn’t have seen it until after the wedding.

Do you have any advice for future brides?

Yes…take a moment with your new husband to step away from it all and have 5 mins to yourselves to take it all in…Me and Tom were lucky to have our bridal suite to retreat to for 20 mins but it gave us a chance to properly catch up with each other about how the day had gone for us and just have a bit of time to ourselves to generally jump around like 2 kids because we were excited to be married J

What was your favourite photograph and why did you like it?

It sounds really vain but it’s the one Jo caught of me looking in the mirror…I think it may be the best photo ever taken of me…also the one with my bridesmaids on the bed, I was so happy to have all 4 girls there with me…and I suppose I should say my husband’s modelling attempts as well he is very proud of those photos!

Was Studio Rochford the right photographer for you?

Absolutely…I am not sure any other photographer would have done what Jo did for me when my bridesmaids dresses zips broke and she sewed them into their dresses…I think she definitely prevented a bridal meltdown at that moment! But other than that she took note of what we wanted on the day and we got perfect photos that help us relive the day every time we look at them.


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