Essex wedding photographer ~ a job description

Essex wedding photographer at Orsett Hall

Being an Essex wedding photographer you would think would simply be about taking wedding photographs at some of the stunning wedding venues in our county. You might expect that I work mainly at the weekend and in the summer and that my weekdays are spent visiting new Essex wedding venues and getting inspiration for my next job, chatting with colleagues and suppliers about all things weddings, and generally having a really rather lovely time. I can’t lie. That’s partly true. But that’s just a teeny tiny part of what being a wedding photographer in Essex actually entails.

As I write this, it’s a Monday in February and for the very first time ever in my 13 year career photographing weddings I am up to date. This is why I actually have a moment to write a new page for our site. Actually, I tell a lie, I have an engagement portrait session that I shot at Hylands House in Chelmsford on a very rainy day, to proof out. But, it’s as close to up to date as I have ever been.

I spent this morning answering numerous e-mails asking for information about wedding packages and pricing from couples who had, hopefully searched for Essex wedding photographer and found us and liked what they had seen. I caught up with the various wedding suppliers and venues that I follow on Facebook and was pleased to see our photographs shared by Boreham House and also Hylands House, who have similar to this one below in their brochure now. I sent out contracts to two new bookings and I had at least two cups of tea.

Hylands House Wedding Photography

I started to review our website strategy for the umpteenth time since the start of this year and discovered that Essex wedding photographer gets 800 searches a month! That’s a lot of weddings! Then I considered what I could do to improve my chances of being found so that when you come across our site it will hopefully be an easy decision as to whether I am the best photographer for you! At that point it will hopefully be all about the photography and not the words.

This coming Saturday I am photographing a very last minute wedding at an Essex wedding venue that I haven’t worked at before, Langton’s in Hornchurch. I am going to take a run over there tomorrow to see what I have to work with. This is something that I will do for each new venue that I work at. I will normally pop over early in the week, when the venues tend to be quieter and I am not going to disturb a wedding. I like to go at a very similar time of year to the date that I am photographing the wedding, so that I can see exactly what the grounds look like and where the light is. Occasionally when I am working outside of Essex it’s not always an option to do a venue recce before the day. In those instances I give myself plenty of time on the morning of the wedding day, to get to the venue early and have a good look round. The last thing you want is your photographer trying to find good spots to take photographs when they could be photographing the drinks reception.

On Wednesday morning I have a final pre-wedding chat with a lovely couple whose Gaynes Park wedding I am photographing at the end of March. Having shot their engagement session a few weeks ago (also at Hylands House, it’s quite a favourite of mine) I can honestly say that I am really looking forward to their big day and I already have ideas for couples portraits after dark.

Gaynes Park Wedding Photography

Gaynes Park after dark!

I have four blog posts that I need to write in the next two days and I need to pick accompanying photographs for them. They are all for weddings that I photographed last year, but was so busy I didn’t get a chance to keep the blog completely up to date – ah – so I’m not as up to date as I thought! Once they are on the blog, then we have to have a social media frenzy. First I need to add them to our Facebook page. (Many years ago when Facebook was in its infancy I thought I was being really clever getting Essex Wedding Photographer as our vanity URL, I should have just got Studio Rochford!) Then I’ll share it with my google plus self and my Studio Rochford page. I have to say that I am still finding google plus a minefield. Obviously we’ll have to tweet and then my favourite bit, which I have to say is not a hardship, is I’ll start pinning. For any of you that haven’t found Pinterest, it’s probably best not to. It’s the biggest, most wonderful, inspirational waste of time ever. I spend hours on it. You’ll find us on there with our own work as well as things that we love and are inspired by. Search for Studio Rochford and you’ll find us there.

Essex wedding photographer on Pinterest

For each blog post I also need to make a video for our Youtube channel and I need to go searching for various wedding suppliers and venue sites so that I can link them in to our posts and our future couples can see their work too. I do this because I know that I am lucky enough to be recommended by some of the best Essex wedding venues and suppliers and it’s nice to be able to give a little something back in return. Here’s one I made earlier!

So – I’ve taken you to Wednesday lunch time, just over 48 hours and I don’t think I’ve managed to fit in lunch yet and actually – I haven’t taken a single photograph. It turns out however that I am a keyboard wizard, a master of photoshop and lightroom and a social media junkie. Probably not quite what you expected an Essex wedding photographer to be?