Wedding Galleries


Wedding Galleries



We’ve split our Essex wedding photography galleries in to different sections. We find that most of our couples require a combination of documentary (often referred to as candid or reportage) photography and something a little more traditional, particularly posed photographs of themselves and group shots, as well as a record of the details of the day. By giving you different galleries to look at we hope that you can see the consistency of work that we are able to produce across all of the genres, in any season, in any conditions.


Typically the documentary photography represents the largest proportion of the day. There are so many elements of a wedding day that simply cannot be posed or interfered with, and neither would you want them to be. The preparations in the morning are a wonderful start to any album, the fun, laughter, nervousness, smiles, tears, all there waiting to be captured along side the details that are so important. The dress, the shoes, the flowers, the rings, the jewellery, all unique to you and elements that can be included to set the scene for your day to come.


The wedding ceremony itself, the arrival, the walk down the aisle, the first glimpse, the exchange of rings, the first kiss, all captured in a truly unobtrusive way in photographs that will help you preserve memories for a lifetime. The recessional, the congratulations, the drinks reception, the hugs and kisses – all of which we leave to unfold and simply document.


The drinks reception normally gives us the best opportunity for family and friends group shots when they are required and we place no restrictions on the number of formal photographs that we are prepared to shoot, if that it what you want. We are perfectly capable of organising large and small groups and more than happy to oblige your requirements in this respect. All that we ask is that you give due consideration to the time required so that you don’t feel terribly rushed, and we’re more than happy to discuss this with you extensively during the organisation of your wedding so that you feel comfortable that your timings are adequate.


There are typically numerous times throughout the day that we can work to capture beautiful portraits of you together or individually. It’s often lovely to take time out on a summer’s evening, to go for a stroll, spend some time together and take the opportunity to photograph your couple’s portraits without the pressure of guests watching your every move. We often hear “I’m not comfortable in front of the camera”, “I hate having my photograph taken” but hopefully, you will already have experienced an engagement sitting with us, worked with Jo, seen the results, and know that you’re not just in safe, experienced hands, but with someone that you can actually relax with, be yourself and it will shine through in your wedding photographs.


Not all weddings require coverage through to dancing, but we’ll make sure that every detail of your wedding breakfast room is captured and if we’re not staying until the evening, we’ll ensure that you have photographs beyond the point that you have sat down to eat. If we’re staying through speeches and on to dancing, then we will be looking for every opportunity to capture beautiful candid shots of you and your guests, the speeches from the top table and the emotions in the room, before turning our attentions to the romance / fear of the first dance – depending on whether you’ve opted for a choreographed version or not!!

There’s also the option to create something strikingly beautiful if you’re prepared to spend just a few minutes away from your evening guests and reception. Take a look at our After Dark gallery to discover more.

Our aim is to give you all of the photographs that you were aware of, the portraits, the groups and then so, so much more, to tell the story of your day, in the most personal way imaginable. Here’s the proof of what we do.