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Creative wedding photography, posed photographs by any other name, but for many, as soon as we talk about posed photographs, there’s a feeling of uncertainty. Do we want them? Will we like them? Will they take hours?

Family groups are almost, but for the very brave, a have to have. How many you have is entirely up to you. There’s a really easy way to make sure that everyone is included, in the quickest possible way, if that’s what you want. There is no need at all for you to spend countless hours making lists and hoping that you have included everyone, we’ll do that with you, no matter how complicated you think your families might be.

The main problem with groups is time. If you start breaking them down in to every conceivable combination, then you have to accept, it’s going to take a while and allow enough time, either at church, or during your drinks reception to accommodate it. With our record standing at 45 groups in 40 minutes, we’re really quite good at organising, but it’s hard work, for you and for us and being realistic, you’re not going to have 45 group photos in your album, so why would you put yourself though it, when there’s champagne that could be drunk instead? We won’t limit you, but we will help you to the most efficient solution – if that’s what you want!

When it comes to your portraits, they really don’t have to be rigidly posed. Hopefully you’ll find some in the gallery that you might mistake for documentary photographs, some where we appear to observe rather than direct, some where we could simply not be there. There are no models, no couples who have spent hours learning how to pose, just ordinary people on an extraordinary day, looking fabulous.