Documentary Wedding Photography


There are so many different descriptions for documentary wedding photography. You may have seen it described as reportage, journalistic, candid, or you may just simply think of it as the photographs where people are caught off their guard, not aware of the camera, looking in a different direction, engaging with friends.

There is no right or wrong term, there are simply photographers who can and photographers who can’t. Documentary photography is a skill, it’s not a lucky snap. It’s an anticipation of a moment, a reaction to a noise, an awareness of what is about to happen. It’s years of experience honed, so that everything technical is second nature and the split second reaction is all that is the difference between getting the shot and missing it. It’s not crazy tilts that make your wedding look like it’s held at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or tea stained files that seem to belong to yesteryear and in ten years time will be the equivalent of the 1980’s heads in brandy glass shots and it’s not hundreds of very similar photographs that add to the massive file count that you’ve been promised. It’s beautiful light, beautiful composition, precision focus and split second timing.

It’s one of my favourite parts of the day and it’s what will tell your story better than anything else can.