Boatyard, Leigh-on-Sea

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The Boatyard Restaurant is situated in the very heart of Old Leigh on the banks of the Thames Estuary.

As it’s name suggests the restaurant is converted from an old working boatyard in Leigh-on-Sea and the beautiful old wooden floors that remain inside maintain a sense of the old, along side a state of the art restaurant and kitchen. A polarised glass window extends the length of the whole building giving fantastic view across the Thames from inside.

At the rear if the building is a raised deck that stands out in to the water and is perfect for outdoor wedding receptions. Built over two floors, there is plenty of room for larger wedding parties but as the upper floor is galleried there is no sense of separation between guests seated upstairs and down.

The amazing bar, shaped like a boat is the perfect spot for more drinks in the evening,  before the dancing starts.

As well as the main restaurant there is also the option to hire the Salon Privée for more intimate, smaller weddings. It sits 22 guests for the wedding breakfast, or gives you the option to have up to 50 guests for a more relaxed standing event. With an open fire and private bar, stocked to your own tastes, it is also the first new building in Leigh to be built in the traditional method of pegged oak frame and beams, for over 100 years.

From a photography point of view Old Leigh could not provide a better back drop and a short stroll in either direction from the Boatyard gives some fantastic options as you’ll see in Liz & James’ album above.