Exciting New Year for Essex Photographers Studio Rochford

The New Year always starts with the rounds of wedding fairs and 2009 was no different with us exhibiting throughout January at Lords Golf & Country Club, The Lawn and Debenhams in Southend. The feedback this year has been great and as well as our 2009 season quickly filling up we have some very organised brides for 2010 booking too.

We are making some really exciting changes to our business and following on from our success in the British Professional Photography Awards last year, we are concentrating much of our efforts this year on providing the best possible service  to our wedding clients. To do this it is our intention to continue to invest our time in training and furthering our professional qualifications with the Master Photographers Association. Sally and I both have fabulous mentors who are at the top of their game in the UK and working with them will enable us to take our photography to the next level – and we can’t wait!!

We have just reviewed all of our packages and introduced a new exciting range, using only the best products from Queensberry and GraphiStudio and we are thrilled with the reactions from the couples we spoke to at the wedding fairs.

We have also changed the way in which we will proof out to our clients with a state of the art viewing room being recently finished. No comfort will be spared – and we are going to have to watch our waistlines as our couples tuck in to their choice of meal and a glass of wine while making their album choices, we’ll have to make sure we don’t join in too often!!

No post is complete without a photograph – so here is one of the latest images we’ve been displaying at the fairs.

Clare at The Lawn, Rochford


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