Gosfield Hall Wedding – Jenny gives us an insight in to her & Darren’s big day

Gosfield Hall was the stunning setting for Jenny and Darren’s Essex wedding in the summer.  It’s always lovely reading through the replies that we get from our Brides, that give us an insight in to their plans and ideas, but reading this was particularly special for me. I was reminded of the reason that Jenny sought me out and it made me just a little bit proud. I’ll let Jenny explain….


Where did your wedding take place and what made the venue special?

Gosfield Hall, which has a beautiful panelled gallery for the ceremony and gorgeous architecture.  The availability of a large number of bedrooms and the flow of the reception rooms enables guests to mingle and be involved (or not) as suits the mix of guests at a wedding.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

Did you have a theme for your wedding?  What was your colour scheme?

No theme.  Our bridesmaid chose a striking Colbalt blue evening dress from “A Touch Too Wild” in Leigh on Sea, so we used that as a colour for the flowers.  We also had “gold” accessories for the Groom and Groomsmen, which Gosfield Hall complemented with the gold bows on the seats.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

Tell us a little about your dress, where did you finally find it?

The Bespoke Wardrobe in Ingatestone.  My dress was made from handmade French lace and was called “Falling Away with You”.  It was designed by Stewart Parvin and I was fortunate to be able to have the opportunity to meet him and he measured me and advised on styling and accessories.  The whole experience, which was shared with my bridesmaid was worth the price tag!

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

What did the men opt for, and who supplied it?

My husband is more of a Peacock than I am, so not to be outdone, he had a bespoke ivory ornate long jacket made, which he wore with dark trousers. His groomsmen had a plain ivory jacket and dark trousers. All were supplied by Del’s Tailors.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

Can you tell me about your flowers?

My talented friend, Hayley Goss of The Westcliff Florist amazed us with stunning table decorations and bouquets. Using the accent colour of colbalt blue, we had huge hydrangeas and other large headed blooms, such as avalanche roses and peonies in soft creams and ivories with a dash of acid green foliage.  My bouquet weighed so much, I had to find some strong young men to hold it for me whilst I enjoyed a glass of champagne on the lawn!   The use of hydrangeas was inspired, as the house I grew up in had two hydrangea bushes either side of the front door.  The flowers for the table were arranged in silver pedestal pots which I purchased over a number of months on Ebay.

Gosfield Hall Wedding PhotographyGosfield Hall Wedding Photography

What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information?

Pinterest was useful, especially for picking flowers. I quickly identified that I liked large headed flowers and silver pots by pinning photos and then looking for the common themes.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

Tell us about a supplier who provided a first-class service.

The Westcliff Florist : the quality of the blooms and the size of the bouquets and arrangements surpassed what I had hoped for. See above.


Do you have any advice for future brides?

Do your wedding your way.   It is your and your husband’s special day and it is not about anyone else.  On this day everyone else has to fit in with you and what you want.  Everyone else is a guest, they are invited to attend and may choose to/or not to attend… no one else should dictate the flow of the day or who does or says what.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

Is there anyone that you would like to give a special mentioned to? 

Jan at Gosfield Hall, who was also exceptional, her diplomacy was incredible.  She managed relatives with great skill, anticipating difficulties and whisking people away on the pretext of making them more comfortable.  The day ran like clockwork and we didn’t have to think of a thing.


What was your favourite photograph and why did you like it?

My favourite photo is strangely one that we did not include in the album.  It was of us chatting in the corridor with Jo.  My husband and I are mimicking each other’s hand movements.  I like it as we look “in tune” with each other and it was not posed and we are just taking a moment to breath and it looks so natural.  It wasn’t an image I expected to see when the proofs arrived and it was a surprise, which is always nice.  I think we didn’t include the photo in the official as it felt like a “private” moment, which happened away from the main party.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

Was Studio Rochford the right photographer for you?

We loved the way Jo/Studio Rochford worked from the start.  I spent a long time looking for a photographer, we looked at a lot online and Gosfield Hall showed us books of photographers.  We found nothing we liked.  As an older couple, we wanted a small set of posed pictures and then the rest to be reporter type shots, or decided on the day depending on what looked like a photo opportunity.  I found Studio Rochford online and then located the dancer photos which Jo had taken.   I loved the light and shapes created by the dancers and captured by Jo’s photography.  I felt that someone who created such flowing artistic images, would make a great wedding photographer, as the output would not look “standard” it would have to have creativity and artistry to it.  Jo did not disappoint us on any level.  She managed our guests expertly, she was unobtrusive and she performed gymnastics to get the shots she wanted for us.

Gosfield Hall Wedding Photography

Jenny & Darren’s suppliers were:

Wedding Dress – Bespoke Wardrobe Ingatestone

Men’s suits – Del’s Tailors Benfleet

Florist – The Westcliff Florist

Cake – M&S

Hair – Jayne Dedman

Make-up – Gail Gardener

Venue – Gosfield Hall

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