How to contact us at the moment

Although our move has gone remarkably smoothly, we have had a complete disaster with moving our telephone line with BT. From taking much longer than it should have done to get a line installed, to taking longer to get broadband than it should have done, to finding out that the equipment that should have been sent to us hasn’t been, to finally having a VOIP phone on the line, to now discovering that people can randomly get through / not get through to us regardless of where they are calling from, landline or mobile, (and breathe…………………….) to not being able to pick up messages left in the last week for us, while we haven’t had a phone line [soooo very sorry if we haven’t returned your calls 🙁  ], to knowing that you can now not leave messages as the temporary mailbox, that we cannot access, is full – it’s just been the worst catalogue of errors imaginable.

So – until we can say with absolute confidence that the number is up and running, please use 07711338382, the one number that I know I will be able to answer, or where you can definitely leave me a message, or e-mail us at with your number and we will call you back asap.

My very sincerest apologies to any of you who have been affected.



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