Jennifer Wederell

Each bride is special but little did Jo know just how special Jennifer Wederell was until it came to the speeches at her wedding at The Lawn, Rochford…

After the wedding in September 2011 Jo wrote the following:

“Jen was always going to get a special mention as she was our first bride to have found and booked us directly from our Facebook page. She is also the first bride that I’ve had to tell off. Girls – it really isn’t a good idea to make your photographer cry!  Jen and David were due to get married in 2009 but had to postpone when she became very ill with Cystic Fibrosis. Not a word of it was mentioned in the run up to the wedding. As we went through the day it was very obvious to me how much they were loved by all of their family and friends, how very special their wedding day was, but it wasn’t until Jen’s Dad’s speech that I fully understood just how amazing it all really was. Jennifer had had a lung transplant, barely 5 months ago – and here she was looking absolutely radiant. And when he started to speak the room fell silent as he told everyone just to stop and look around and take it all in – and to think about the incredible set of circumstances that had brought them all together on that one day. And that was it – the room was in tears – and so was I. It was just as well my camera did the focusing – it all looked a bit blurry from my point of view 😉

We talk about couples getting married and starting a new life – never was this more the case than for Jennifer and David. I truly hope that it will be everything you wish for, because there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you deserve it, and so much more x”


Sadly Jennifer & David’s happy life together was to be tragically cut short when, just six months later, Jennifer was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It was at this time that the family were informed that the donor of Jennifer’s new lungs had been a smoker.  “She understood that she would die another person’s death, not from cystic fibrosis.”

Jennifer passed away in August 2012 at the age of 27.

Studio Rochford are proud to have have known Jennifer and are now pleased to support her Dad Colin’s campaign to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation through the Facebook page Jennifer’s Choice.



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  1. Claire Sullivan December 18, 2012 at 2:55 pm #

    So sad, I welled up reading this.
    Such a beautiful bride and a happy couple. Thanks to your photographs they’ll have wonderful, valuable and everlasting memories of a beautiful day!

  2. Carol Simpson - December 19, 2012 at 9:57 am #

    A lovely lady I never had the pleasure to meet her but knew lots about her from a mutual aquaintance. Jens bravery and honesty was outstanding and her family will not let the world forget her, their tireless campaigning to help others not to have to suffer Jens fate is admirable. I send my hearfelt thoughts and prayers to them all. Jen wont be forgotten

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