The Lawn Rochford Wedding ~ Just One

Lawn Rochford Wedding


I loved Amanda & Rob’s wedding at The Lawn, Rochford ~ my second home this year! I first met Amanda several years ago at her sister Katie’s marriage to Dan, also at the Lawn. I always love it when people say to me “You won’t remember me but…..”, not least because my answer is nearly always – “of course I do”. When you spend so many hours looking at faces in photographs they’re normally fairly well ingrained in your memory! That’s exactly what happened when Amanda and her Mum approached us at the Lawn wedding fair last year!

With so many lovely photographs I had to go to their own list of favourites to make a selection for their Just One. This caught my eye – Amanda and Rob about to exchange vows with three little bridesmaids in the background, one of them gazing on adoringly. No wonder, Amanda & Rob are her Mummy & Daddy. A very special day for three very lovely people.

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