Le Talbooth Wedding for Cat & Kit

In the next  interview with our Brides of 2011, Cat tells us about her special day…


Where did your wedding take place and what made you choose that location? ~ Our ceremony was at Holy Family and All Saints Church in Witham (my local church) and our reception was at Le Talbooth restaurant in Colchester.  We chose the venue because it was the nicest that we looked around with the friendliest staff, and because it was a restaurant we knew the food would be good!


What was your colour scheme or wedding theme? ~ 
Forest green colour scheme, no real theme, a very traditional wedding.


What was your dress like and why do you love it? ~ My dress was ivory, A line, strapless, quite traditional.  There was beading work on the left side of the bodice, which was subtle but very pretty.  I loved it the second I put it on – it was elegant and flattering, and it felt really light so I was really comfortable in it!


Tell us about your ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.’ ~ My something old, borrowed and blue was the garter that my mum wore when she married my dad.  I had a couple of other “borroweds” as well – my hair jewels were from my aunty and my veil was from a close friend.  And there was a small blue flower on my bra too!  My something new was my dress. 



Where did your groom get his morning suit? ~ Pronuptia in Birmingham


Did you buy each other wedding presents? ~ Our rings and the honeymoon were our presents to each other.


Can you tell me about your wedding cake? ~ We made it with Kit’s mum!  It was good fun and not as stressful as I’d thought, because Liz is so good at making cakes and she was really relaxed about it all.  Apparently the icing of the cakes was far more stressful though!  We just had plain white icing, and got the florist to decorate with flowers between the layers.

What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information? ~ 
A mixture of friends, family and magazines – Kit’s older sister was invaluable, as were two of my close friends who got married the year before us.

Tell us about a supplier who provided a first-class service. ~ A
bsolutely everyone we dealt with did, we were so lucky!  The staff at Le Talbooth were fantastic, everyone went the extra mile – from silly things like checking with us that everything was ok on the day, from allowing us a few visits to show around our parents, to returning phone calls promptly and being upfront about payments.

Also, the service from Studio Rochford was impeccable.  Every single thing we could have asked for was provided for – from cups of tea when we came around to view the photos(!) to memorising the names of our close friends and family, they again, went the extra mile.


Do you have any advice for future brides? ~ Try not to get bogged down in the politics of planning the wedding – there will be aspects people disagree over, but remember that none of it is personal, and at the end of the day, it’s whether you and the groom have a good time that matters.  Most importantly, when the day arrives, allow yourself time to sit back and absorb it all, and go with the flow – little things may go wrong, but it doesn’t matter, just enjoy the whole day.


What was your favourite photograph and why did you like it? ~ The hardest decision I’ve made in a while (I have about fifteen favourites!) but I think favourite favourite is this simple picture of us together looking very happy.  My other favourites are the one of us in the church sitting down, where Kit’s looking over at me and the big group shot of everyone at the venue.


Was Studio Rochford the right photographer for you? ~ 100% perfect.  Couldn’t have asked for more!  Thank you so much.


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