Leez Priory Wedding Reception for Rebecca & Rob

Having been particularly bad at keeping up to date with our blog for the last several months, I am making a big effort to catch up, but not bombard you with dozens of posts. I am very lucky in that some of my couples have kindly taken the time to write  a little about their weddings for us, which means I “just” have to sort out the relevant photographs!

Rebecca & Rob had a lovely day for their wedding reception at Leez Priory culminating in their first dance being outside on the lawn in front of the coach way! Here Rebecca tells us a little more about their day.
Leez Priory Wedding Photography  

Where did your wedding take place and what made the venue special?

St John the Evangelist, Ford End and Leez Priory. Both are beautiful locations and local to where I grew up. Leez Priory Wedding Photography


Did you have a theme for your wedding?  What was your colour scheme?

We included a few Danish traditions in our wedding.  We had a Danish cake and another Danish tradition is to sing a song about the couple which was a fun part of the day. The colour I chose was coral and this complemented the colour of the Danish flags in the cake. Leez Priory Wedding Photography

Tell us about the process of choosing your dress?  Was it the first one you tried on or did you change your mind numerous times?

I knew I wanted a dress which wasn’t strapless and that’s not so easy to find. After looking in a few shops I found a dress I loved. Leez Priory Wedding Photography

Where did your groom get his morning suit?

We kept the men’s suits simple and went for black suits and ties to match the coral colour theme. Leez Priory Wedding Photography

Can you tell me about your flowers?

Our flowers were from Cherubs. I chose coral and champagne roses with lots of greenery for a more natural look. The flowers looked beautiful and lots of our guests commented on them. Leez Priory Wedding Photography

What are your wedding rings like? Did you have any other special jewellery?

We both chose simple bands. Leez Priory Wedding Photography

What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information?

Definitely recommendations from friends/family!! I used the internet a lot as well but most of our suppliers were recommended and I am really happy we used them.

Tell us about a supplier who provided a first-class service.

We were really pleased with all of our suppliers and would recommend all of them. They all helped to make our day fantastic and memorable.

Do you have any advice for future brides?

Enjoy the planning and try not to stress, it all works out on the day!

What was your favourite photograph and why did you like it?

There are so many! One of them is the black and white photo of us walking out of the church. We look very natural and happy. Leez Priory Wedding Photography

Was Studio Rochford the right photographer for you?

Yes, definitely. We absolutely love the photos and are really happy Jo was our wedding photographer. She has been fantastic from start to finish! Leez Priory Wedding Photography Leez Priory Wedding Photography Leez Priory Wedding Photography Leez Priory Wedding Photography Leez Priory Wedding Photography Leez Priory Wedding Photography Leez Priory Wedding Photography Leez Priory Wedding Photography

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