My Vision 2011

Last week I attended My Vision 2011, a documentary photography workshop, staged by a collective of photographers, which I am very lucky to be a part of. Guided by our mentors we spent three days shooting an assignment, kept secret until 15 minutes before we were due to leave and designed to take us out of our comfort zones, with the event culminating in a dinner with all of the participants and slide-shows of their work. Shooting jpeg only, no in camera deletes, work being critiqued long in to the early hours of the morning with your team mates around you, it was an amazing, exhausting, sometimes soul searching experience. My huge thanks to everyone at The Farm, Brighton and my team mates Ally Stewart, Paul White, Roger Burlison, Matt Davis, Chris Taylor, our fab assistant James Stewart, our amazing team leader Julie Kim and to Iain Bain, for having the vision to make MV what it is.




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