Park Inn Palace Hotel Southend Wedding ~ Katie-Jane & Nick

Studio Rochford’s photographer Sally Claydon has known Katie-Jane’s family for many years so it was a real privilege to photograph her marriage to Nick.  They won the prize for the ‘Most Loved-Up Couple of 2012’…proofing these photos reduced Jo to tears!  Katie-Jane provided us with an insight into their plans and preparations for the big day which we’re happy to share with you here…

Where did your wedding take place and what made the venue special?
We had a church wedding at West Leigh Baptist Church, which was important to me as it was the church I grew up in. My mum and dad got married there, as did my sister. Although the church has been rebuilt recently it is a beautiful building, which mixes both traditional and modern features. On the way to our reception Nick and I chose to have some photos taken at Southend Cliffs Gardens, as this was where we spent our first few dates and still visit regularly on a sunny day! As for our reception it was not an obvious choice for us but when we visited the Palace Hotel on the seafront we both fell in love with the style of venue and space it had to offer. Nick is originally from Manchester so it was important for us to have a reception venue that our long distance guests could stay at.

Did you have a theme for your wedding?  What was your colour scheme?
I am obsessed with purple so colour scheme was very easy for me! However theme choices were much harder to decide! We both love all things vintage and quirky so when a close friend came up with the idea of using our date to the Take That ‘Circus’ Tour as our theme for the day we were sold! Vintage fun fair / circus it was!

Tell us about the process of choosing your dress?  Was it the first one you tried on or did you change your mind numerous times?
Far too traumatic to relive I’m afraid!!! My advice for newly engaged brides is only ever take one person who you trust with your life!  I wouldn’t change it for the world and would definitely recommend Grace and Lace in Chelmsford – they were amazing.

Where did your groom get his morning suit?
The men’s suits were far less eventful – one visit to Debenhams and Bob’s your uncle (or dad in my case!)

Can you tell me about your flowers?
I was very keen for my flowers to be in keeping with the theme but struggled with ideas at first as wasn’t sure flowers that squirt water or made out of balloons would go down well! I chose a selection of muted flowers consisting of roses, thistles, hydrangeas, and craspedia to set them all off.

What are your wedding rings like?  Did you have any other special jewellery?
Both nick and I wanted simple rings in keeping with our tradition of loving all things old and decided to find second-hand rings from a local jeweller. I inherited my Nan’s engagement ring and wanted to make sure my wedding band would match.

What was your most useful source of wedding ideas and information?
The – an amazing website full of ideas

Tell us about a supplier who provided a first-class service.
The service we received from the Palace Hotel exceeded our expectations. Our contacts Jinu Jacobs and David Simmonds went out if their way to ensure every part of the day ran smoothly for everyone during the planning and the day itself.

Do you have any advice for future brides?
My advice would be enjoy EVERY minute – it goes too fast!

What was your favourite photograph and why did you like it?
I have too many favourites to choose from! I love the photos of Nick getting ready – they look so old fashioned and captured the style we love so much! The one photograph that takes my breath away every time I see it is the one of me on the balcony at the reception – I felt so happy at that moment and think it looks so natural.

Was Studio Rochford the right photographer for you?
Jo and Sally were simply marvellous! From the very first meeting until the final album was a pleasure. I would definitely recommend them to any brides to be.

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