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Children's Portrait Photographer Essex

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WIN £1000 

Your child’s chance to be entered into the annual Children Portrait Awards, supporting The Lullaby Trust

simply click the button below to select the date and time that suits to book your complimentary Child Portrait Session.

Children age up to 16 welcome!

ALL we require is a refundable £20 deposit to book and a £10 donation per entry into Lullaby Trust charity tin at your viewing.

The portrait session itself is free, the £20 deposit on booking is refunded or discounted from any order.

So if you order any images at your viewing, your £20 is  credited against the order value,

if your order value is over £120, we will double your credit (so you have £40 worth of credit to offset against the pricelist). 

If you don’t order anything, your deposit will be returned unless you miss your portrait or viewing appt.

(you can of course reschedule them with minimal notice)

This helps us to prevent no shows where our charities suffer as they lose out on their donation.

It’s that simple!