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I photographed my first “newborn” nearly 16 years ago. I have newborn in inverted commas because it was my son Luke, at 6 weeks old. In the world of newborn photography 6 weeks is too old, but for me it was the first time that I had been able to feel ready to get into a studio and photograph him.

This has really stuck with me in my career when photographing newborn babies, the ones who are no more than 14 days old. I’ve seen new mothers literally drag themselves to me to make sure that they get their photographs done in that precious first two weeks, when their baby still curls like a foetus and allegedly will sleep better and for longer and deeper and they are easier to pose. But they don’t. They feed, constantly, especially when you’re pushing the 14 day mark. They cry, they wee, they poo. Their lovely new, first time mummies get so worried that the blankets are wet and I’ll have to wash them, or that their baby is the first who has pooed directly into my hand. And they are so tired. So tired because they haven’t slept for the last 6 weeks at least and now they’re up all night trying to establish feeding, while juggling several house fulls during the day because everyone wants to see the new arrival. And my heart went out to them. Because that was me when Luke was 14 days old. Wrecked, sore and desperate for a sleep.

The result is that I’ve changed my style and changed my timeframes for newborns. My photograph of Luke at 6 weeks is perfect. He is teeny tiny and beautiful and as small as I ever remember him being. He also has no hat, no bow tie, no outfit, it’s just him on a white blanket looking beautiful. And it is timeless. So I have come full circle in 16 years in order to give you timeless, beautiful photographs of your newborn babies, be they 12 days or 12 weeks.

I don’t use props. I don’t use outfits. Anything I do use is beautiful quality and white.

In an ideal world I want you to have prints, an album, a frame – anything but files. I want you to see how beautiful your baby is and in years to come I want you to  look back on these photographs and remember how tiny and perfect they were. I printed my photographs of Luke – and I have the negatives, because they were shot on film. But had I shot them on a digital camera, my files would have been on a floppy disc – and I know full well that some of you will be reading this wondering what on earth a floppy disc actually is. And that’s the point. They don’t exist and our computers of today can’t read them. Imagine if all I had was files that aren’t readable anymore? Files are of course available, but it’s our beautiful prints, frames, canvases, acrylics and aluminium prints that will last forever. You can see our product list here.

I know this is not for everyone, but I hope if you are here, it’s for you. If you’d like to book your session you can contact me  here, or call me on 01702 542842, or e-mail me at

Jo & Steve