Sally’s Fish Foot Spa Experience!

It was so much fun I tried it twice!!  I had my first experience of little Garra Rufa fish nibbling at my toes a couple of weeks ago at Doctor Spa Fish in Basildon.  It’s a funny sensation, like little bubbles of oxygen that tickle your feet, especially sensitive parts like your instep!  My crusty ol’ soles were definitely improved, but I felt that maybe 15 minutes with the little fishies was not quite long enough!!  My 16 year old daughter was keen to try out the fish foot spa too so we returned for a session during a mother-daughter girlie shopping day!  The fish seemed a lot more hungry this time and we both giggled as they got munching!  All in all, my feet do feel smoother, and it was good fun, and maybe if the spa was a little nearer I would make it a regular appointment!

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