Studio Rochford’s biggest fan!

We received a lovely email today from our dear friend Patrick Gormally who attended the launch party of Sweet Sixteen Photography.  Patrick is a faithful follower of Studio Rochford on Facebook and always encourages us with his kind words!

“I was delighted to have recently visited your ultra modern and beautiful studio in Rochford, having often visited your facebook contribution in the past, especially rewarding to meet the experts, who direct and manage the establishment, wonderful directors and staff, really focused on the business, of all aspects of photography, lighting, exposure, the expertise is truly amazing.  In conclusion, I am impressed by the architecture of your premises, hopefully to be preserved forever.  Once again, many thanks for Studio Rochford, your hospitality, and above all, educating me on the finer details of successful photography.  Best Regards, from Patrick Gormally, Country Antrim, Northern Ireland.”

Thank you Patrick!  You’re a star!

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