What happens when two Essex wedding photographers plan their own wedding?!

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Steve and I got married in September this year and my plan had been to write a series of blog posts as we planned our wedding. That turned out to be easier said than done, as between working, planning and being a bit poorly every now and again the time I had to do it was always filled with other things.

Now that it’s my job to be Mrs Behind The Scenes, I don’t have excuse number one and I definitely don’t have excuse number two! So, without further ado here is the story of our planning and our wedding (spread over several entertaining(?) posts).

I had no idea Steve was planning on proposing, literally none. We hadn’t even really talked about getting married and I’d always been pretty much in the “never again” camp. But I guess the challenges that you’re given in life also shape your views and I’d be lying if I said the prospect of having someone to rely on in sickness and in health wasn’t hugely appealing. That and the fact that I love him to bits.

I had spent the day shooting a wedding. It was extremely poignant as my groom had overcome cancer and I knew that I had to do my very best for them as a couple. It’s difficult to explain how important photographs are to people when they or their loved ones are faced with potentially life threatening problems. They really do take on a whole new meaning. They are quite literally the gift of memories.

When I got home at around 9pm Steve took one look at me and said “You’re wrecked, take this gin and get in the hot tub”. You’ve got to love a man who makes those demands of you!

Unsurprisingly I didn’t argue. We’d been outside no more than five minutes when he announced that he’d been shopping and bought me a present, then proceeded to tell me to close my eyes while he went to get it. I don’t think he’d actually noticed that my eyes were already closed and I was half way off to the land of nod.

When he returned with a “keep your eyes closed” command (not a chance that they were open to be honest) he splashed back in, knelt down on two knees on either side of my outstretched legs and promptly proposed! I quickly said yes before he realised exactly how wrecked I did look and changed his mind.

There were a few things that I really, really loved about the proposal. There we no big gestures, it was just us, at the end of normal day – as most of our days will be, and he made me feel so loved, as he manages to do every day. He was so excited, so typical of Steve that once he decides something is happening, it’s happening now – and that ring was burning a hole in his pocket for every minute it was there and not on my finger. And the ring, which he chose entirely himself, which is so unusual and so perfectly me. Now, this one is important to me. I’ve had the plus a carat perfect diamond before and don’t get me wrong, it was lovely, but it wasn’t me. My new lovely engagement ring is, in monetary terms, worth less than a tenth of my plus a carat diamond, but what it represents is simply priceless.

Maybe as you get older, you do get a little bit wiser. I have read sometimes of girls who say they don’t like the ring that’s been chosen for them and they want to change it. What I have come to truly understand is that your engagement ring is purely a symbol of commitment. If you have the right commitment, you have the right ring.


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